Nadine Dorries: Expenses Authorities Would Have Me Kill My Dog And Have My Child Adopted

Nadine Dorries has launched a stinging attack on the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), after it announced it was investigating whether she had abused her expenses.

Writing on her blog on Monday afternoon, the Mid Bedfordshire MP refuted the claims made against her, suggesting Ipsa had targeted her due to her fame.

"Was it because someone thought that following the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ publicity that I must be so unpopular that the public would praise Ipsa for launching an investigation into the expenses of a high profile MP who had none of the protection afforded by a ministerial position or a cabinet office? If IPSA did, they got it very wrong," she sad.

And Dorries, who said on Friday she intended to "go after" the expenses watchdog, demanded Ipsa apologise for its "fruitless and costly investigation".

Ipsa, set up in the wake of the 2009 expenses scandal, is far from popular with MPs. The expenses watchdog has frequently come under pressure from within parliament for being too bureaucratic and for not properly understanding how politicians do their jobs.

Dorries has been accused of breaching the rules by subletting one of her flats, not staying in Westminster apartment enough and for making a duplicate claim on travel and subsistance allowances.

But the MP claims she has never sublet her flat, stays in her London studio routinely and would do more often if her dog was allowed. She also said the duplicate claim was a technical error.

She said that the behaviour of Ipsa was putting off women from becoming MPs and she would fight the allegations in the interests of women's rights.

"Because a woman died under the hooves of a horse in the quest of female emancipation and because Ipsa impact upon every single parent who is or wants to be an MP and because I refuse to allow a money hungry quango to compromise my right to work, be a mother and a pet owner, I am not allowing Ipsa to get away with this," she said.

"I am quite sure the Ipsa solution to my being a single mum and lone carer of a family and a dog would be to have the dog put down and my child adopted, but I’d rather not."