Polytron Technologies Unveils Transparent Phone (VIDEO)


An incredible working concept for a transparent mobile phone has provided a glimpse into - an through - the future of consumer tech.

Polytron Technologies has unveiled a new look at its 'Switchable Glass' technology - a conductive OLED screen that uses liquid crystal molecules to display text and images.

The screen uses electric current to align these molecules into images on screen.

The result is a screen which is completely transparent, but is still able to show clear, colour pictures.

Polytron told Mobile Geeks that a completed device would have touchscreens on the front and back, and hidden microphones and speakers, and in future maybe even transparent batteries.

The concept is pretty astounding - even if other elements of the phone (including circuitry and the SD card) aren't transparent.

For now the device is purely a concept, though Polytron think it will make it into a consumer device as soon as the screen is up to scratch. They're also working on a tablet design, according to The Verge.

"It will happen near the end of 2013," general manager Sam Yu told Macworld. "Trust me."

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