Marina Voinova Rumbles Cheating Fiance After Spotting Him On Russia's Google Maps Street View Equivalent Yandex Panorama (PICTURE)

Google Cheat View: Love Rat Busted After Being Caught Kissing Ex-Girlfriend

A love rat has been caught out after his fiancée spotted him kissing another woman – while she browsed Russia’s equivalent of Google maps.

Marina Voinova stumbled upon the incriminating image while she searched for an address on Yandex Panorama.

Her lover – known only as Sasha – is visible kissing a woman who most definitely isn't Voinova.

Looks familiar: Marina Voinova stumbled across this image of her other half getting friendly on Russia's Yandex Panorama

“When the image loaded, Sasha’s face changed in colour. I looked in his eyes, waiting for an explanation.

“At first I regretted searching for that address on the internet, but eventually realised it was silly to blame the web for my boyfriend’s unfaithfulness.”

Thanks to Yandex’s policy of not blurring faces (as Google Maps does), Sasha had no choice other than to admit his indiscretion has since been kicked to the kerb.

In 2009 a woman began divorce proceedings after spotting her husband’s car parked outside another woman’s house on the internet giant’s Street View service.

The spurned wife recognised the vehicle immediately “because of its blinged-up hubcaps”, The Sun reported.

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