01/03/2013 11:45 GMT

Gilberto Valle, 'Cannibal Cop' Trial: Alleged Online Mentor, Dale Bolinger, Arrested In UK

Police investigating a suspected "cannibal cop" have searched the back garden of a Canterbury nurse after he was arrested over an alleged plot to kidnap, torture, rape and then eat women.

British nurse Dale Bolinger, who is alleged to have used the name Moody Blues on internet forums, has been questioned in relation to the case of Gilberto Valle in the US, a policemen suspected of planning to torture and eat women, including his own wife.

He was arrested along with another man in Davidson Road, Canterbury.

gilberto valle

This photo submitted into evidence by Assistant Federal Defender Julia L. Gatto shows Gilberto Valle with his daughter

The 57-year-old Brit is being held as part of an international investigation into an alleged "cannibal mentor" who claimed to have eaten two women, writing on an internet forum: "The meat isn't quite like pork, but very meaty… I've eaten a black woman and a white person..."

A New York court heard that, online, "Moody Blues" was a mentor to Valle, and gave him tips on preparing human flesh to eat, and boasted how he once ate a five-year-old boy.

He claimed to have a recipe for "haggis" using human lungs and stomach, and said feet were a delicacy.

But there is no evidence that such boasts were ever a reality, or actions described ever carried out. Valle is not accused of physically harming anyone.

Online, the two spoke about rendering a victim unconscious with anaesthetic gas and then attacking them with a meat cleaver. "Moody Blues" spoke of visiting Valle in New York, but expressed concern he would not get through customs with the butchering items.

A neighbour told Kent Online: "It has freaked us out a bit. It's worrying especially as lots of kids live around here.

"Police came here last week at about seven o'clock in the morning. They had police dogs and there were forensic officers and plain clothed detectives.

"They even got shovels out of their van and went into the back garden with them.

"We wondered what on earth was happening. They were there until about ten o'clock at night."

Bolinger was said to have been suspended from his nursing job by East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "Two men aged 57 and 30 from the Canterbury area were arrested on Feb 21 for conspiracy offences, grooming and the possession of child abuse images. The two men are currently on police bail while inquiries continue.

"Kent Police have been in touch with law enforcement authorities in the United States in relation to this investigation."