FEMEN Inspires Topless Protest Against Hijab In Sweden (NSFW, VIDEO, PICTURES)

(WATCH) FEMEN Inspires Topless Protest Against Hijab In Sweden

Warning: The video and images in this article contain nudity

Iranian activists inspired by feminist group FEMEN have taken to the streets of Stockholm in a topless protest against the hijab.

Members of the Iranian Communist Party and the Organization Against Violence on Women in Iran stripped to their waists in the demonstration against the traditional headscarf worn by many women in predominantly Muslim countries.

The FEMEN protesters took to the streets of Stockholm

The rally, which was organised through Facebook, was held just days before International Women’s Day, an annual celebration on 8 March.

During the protest, the women revealed slogans on their bodies which read "My nudity - my protest" and "Down with the hijab". Photos of the protest were posted on FEMEN's website.

A video of the demonstration was released on YouTube. In it, a campiagner can be heard chanting "Hijab is not my choice" and "Down with Islamic Republic of Iran".

FEMEN is well known for using nudity in its campaigns with topless protests against sex tourism, religious institutions and sexism. Recently, members of the group protested against former Italian president, Silvio Berlsuconi, and alsoccelebrated the Pope's resignation with another topless demonstration in Paris.


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