04/03/2013 13:49 GMT | Updated 04/03/2013 16:45 GMT

Liberal Democrat MPs Are Nearly All Middle Aged White Men, 7 Women And No Ethnic Minorities

The Liberal Democrats want a "stronger economy" and a "fairer society" and who better to bring that about than a bunch of middle aged white men.

This bunch of middle aged white men to be precise, welcoming another middle aged white man into their middle aged white man fold.

This photo, taken on Monday as Eastleigh by-election winner, Mike Thornton came to Westminster for the first time as an MP, shines a very white light on a glaring truth about the Lib Dems.

Don't they all look... similar

The party of diversity is not diverse at all. They have 56 MPs. Only seven of these are women. None are from an ethnic minority.

Even the "Bird of Liberty" in the party's logo is reported to be feeling very conspicuous.

It gets worse.

Five of those women are in shaky seats, vulnerable in the next general election, meaning the possibility of almost nothing but middle aged MP whiteness for the Lib Dems in 2015.

Their only ethnic minority MP was Parmjit Singh Gill, elected in 2004.

Unfortunately Singh also holds another record as the second shortest sitting Lib Dem MP in history.

The banner photo on the party's website page listing its MPs shows a diverse, inclusive, political heaven of cross cultural representation.

This is not reflected in the Commons.

The Lib Dems have a lot of work to do to make this image a reality.