06/03/2013 04:50 GMT

FBI Investigating Mysterious Drone Spotted By Jet Pilot Above New York City

The FBI are investigating reports that a mysterious drone aircraft has been spotted flying above New York City.

An Alitalia pilot reported seeing an unmanned aircraft above Brooklyn on Monday.

CNN reports that the pilot was about to land at JFK Airport when he saw the small craft within 200 feet of his plane.

"We saw a drone, a drone aircraft," he told air traffic controllers.

The drone was spotted at about 1,750 feet, and was described as black, about three feet wide with four propellers.

The Federal Aviation Authority and the FBI are investigating the reports, CNN said.

A drone which collided with a jet aircraft could have a potentially devastating impact, authorities said.

Flying recreational drones is only allowed up to 400 feet, and within sight of the 'pilot'. They are also not allowed within three miles of an airport.

YouTube and other video sites already host several video clips posted by recreational drone pilots around New York City, though none of the makers of those videos are accused of any wrongdoing.

"The FBI is asking anyone with information about the unmanned aircraft or the operator to contact us," said Special Agent in Charge John Giacalone.

"Our paramount concern is the safety of aircraft passengers and crew."