Police have been putting drones to use to help enforce the coronavirus lockdown. The drones have been used to make announcements in city centres instructing locals to stay at home, as well as filming people still out and about to shame people into remaining indoors.
Song Jiang had escaped prison and was living in a cave in the mountains.
Saudi stocks fell sharply on Sunday after drone attacks on two oil plants knocked out more than half of Saudi crude oil output -- more than 5% of the world's crude supply.
A spokesperson from activist group Heathrow Pause said Hallam would fly a drone near the airport at midday.
The group has vowed to ground flights by flying toy drones into the airport's exclusion zone on Friday.
US president reveals why he pulled back from strike on Iran in a series of tweets.
The chilling missives used several of President Donald Trump's catchphrases to attack the press.
All three passenger planes eventually landed more than 90 minutes after their scheduled arrival time.
Ending destruction and corruption is a big and arduous task - but developing technology means we can get the evidence we need to expose it
It flew uninterrupted for 25 days, 23 hours, and 57 minutes.