06/03/2013 07:09 GMT

Nonja The Orangutan Meets A Baby (VIDEO)

And your short-but-ever-so-sweet clip of the day is... this one.

Yes, prepare to have your heart melt as you watch a zoo visitor introducing her baby Sophia - through glass - to Nonja the orangutan.

It's an amazing, adorable moment - but then Nonja, who lives at the Tiergarten Schönbrunn zoo in Vienna, is clearly very capable of those. The 36 year-old orangutan rose to fame in 2009 when she was given her own digital camera to snap photos with - and even has her own Facebook page.

And be warned: if you were touched by this video, your tear ducts might explode if you check out this incredible chimpanzee clip.

(Via Viral Viral Videos)