Ticket sales are vital for animal upkeep and conservation, zoos say. So is it time they reopen?
Bronx Zoo officials are now pursuing a criminal trespass charge against the unidentified woman.
Two male penguins, Magic & Sphen, trusted with the care of a fostered penguin egg, have welcomed a tiny addition to the family. The sub-Antarctic Gentoo chick was revealed to the world on 26 October 2018, by Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium.
Zookeepers in Valencia, Spain rescued a female zebra foal from drowning, after she fell into the water just a few minutes after she was born.
A male kangaroo at the same zoo was injured after a brick chunk was thrown at him.
Even penguins aren’t immune to Mother Nature’s chilly moods.
“We cannot (and do not) make any claims about how intelligent they are.”
He said: “What if it had been Borth’s crocodile that escaped? Or their two lions? Their leopard almost escaped a few years