06/03/2013 11:01 GMT | Updated 06/05/2013 06:12 BST

'Welcome To Google' Rap (VIDEO)

If you were looking for the next fresh sound in hip-hop, you might turn to Google.

But if you did, we'd wager you'd be using the search engine - not listening to rap songs recorded by its employees.

That might be about to change - if you're in a forgiving state of mind and keep the volume down low.

HuffPost US informs us that Googler Andrew Finklestein, aka Fink, has released a rap video named 'Welcome To Google', recorded in the search engine's New York office.

The video takes new employees through the company's range of products, rhymes "generation" with "nation" and generally shakes its thing all over YouTube.

Here are the lyrics to the song, if you just can't bear it:

I wanna welcome everybody to the google generation/

google is a nation (slowed) google is a nation/

You are probably watching this through my youtube page on your/

chrome, android or another google innovation/

More then amazing, were more then search/

More than a website, more then maps or earth/

More than g+, way bigger then gmail/

bigger than google wallet or shopping for retail/

We will, continue to stay ahead of the curve/

Where technology and-intelligence converge/

Obsessively concerned with making our products better than they were/

Never settle for second, we-don't-even settle when in first/

G.O.O.G.L.E Plex/

Thee Best, let me show you around where we get/


Lemme show you around Google inside ... welcome to google/

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Welcome to google, this is the googleplex (googleplex)/

The home of where the futures kept (futures kept)/

Welcome to google, this is the googleplex (google plex)/

Theres no telling what were doing next (doing next)/