When Japanese To English Translations Go Wrong (PICTURES)

As blogger Muzuhashi notes: rude words are funny... but for some reason, accidentally rude words are even funnier.

Muzuhashi is an Englishman working as a teacher in Japan, and writes on his latest blog entry: "It is a truth universally acknowledged that every J-blogger must one day post a series of photographs depicting hapless, hopeless, surreal and/or otherwise amusing uses of the English language by the Japanese. And so this day has come to pass."

We've rounded up some of the resulting photos - snapped by Muzuhashi himself during trips to Japan over the years, and now from his time living there - in our slideshow below.

As he says: "Sit back, enjoy the ride and if you are offended by bad grammar, bad punctuation or bad language - or at least, good language that inadvertently sounds bad - look away now..."

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