Cat Spoons Dog - The World's Cutest New Tumblr (PICTURES)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hercules the sausage dog:

Hercules belongs to writer Matt Whyman - author of 'Walking With Sausage Dogs' - and all was quiet in this little dachshund's world until Brutus arrived.

Brutus, you see, is a white cat.

At first, Brutus and Hercules kept their distance:

As Whyman writes in his Tumblr Cat Spoons Dog: "We were concerned he might see off the cat.

"We needn’t have worried."

Because guess what?

This started happening:


Yes, 'Cat Spoons Dog' may just be the greatest story of animal friendship since 'The Incredible Journey'. It's certainly one of the cutest new Tumblrs around. Take a look at the pictures of Brutus and Hercules's love-ins below...

Cat Spoons Dog

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