HowTheLightGetsIn: Ticket Offer For Philosophy And Music Festival

HowTheLightGetsIn Ticket Offer

Last year HuffPost UK’s partnered with the world’s leading philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn – and in 2013, we’re going to be even more involved with one of the best kept secrets in Britain’s summer.

Set over a tens days in the beautiful town of Hay in Wales, HowTheLightGetsIn sees some of the keenest minds in science, literature and politics come together to debate and discuss the big issues of the day.

This year’s program is still being finalized, but already on the bill are the likes of Terry Pratchett, AS Byatt and Terry Eagleton, as well as night time entertainment from musicians King Charles, Sam Lee and Nerina Pallot.

As part of our partnership, HuffPost is offering all our readers a 10% discount in tickets for this year’s festival, which you can use until 15 March by entering the word ‘HUFFPOST’ at the checkout on the official HowTheLightGetsIn website.

In the meantime to find out what’s all about, here’s one of last year’s debates in which Philip Pullman, Frank Furedi and Gwyneth Jones debate whether fantasy fiction simply escapism from a hostile world or a triumphant way of dealing with the realities of every day…


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