The festival features 200+ events, hosted from London, New York and Delhi. Here's how HuffPost is involved.
Planning for the festival’s 10th anniversary was already underway when the Covid-19 crisis hit and escalated.
Research suggests  that around the world, over 84% of people belong to or are connected to a religious group.
When or if the apocalypse arrives, we should accept it with equanimity
As one of Britain’s most prestigious institutions, Oxford University is notoriously difficult to get in to.  Each year, 45,000
Whether we are free to vote for Brexit or Trump or refrain from doing so - or free not to take that first dose of a drug, for that matter, is a mystery.
Philosophy is the topic Sophie's World tackles, and philosophy is basically asking the big questions. I answered her question by saying we are here to live the best life possible, to leave a positive imprint, and to ensure that we leave this world in a better way than we found it.
With all the woes in the world -- nuclear standoffs to poor paying employment -- it's easy to become paralysed and apathetic. Worse: there's a nihilistic streak that undermines wellbeing when it is allowed to grow.
Regret is one of the most painful feelings any of us can experience. It hurts because regret is, more often than not, based on our own choices and not external events. We can't fix it in retrospect and it's hard to know what the catalyst will be. As Kurt Vonnegut put it, the saddest words anyone can say are 'It might have been.'
The cause of Facebook is to capture content and distribute it, regardless of what that content is, because the mindset of technology says that we must make everything as available and usable as possible.