David Aaronovitch

'We do not need to have disasters to be able to build preventative strategies into our mindset.'
David Aaronovitch has said the country should be “so ashamed” that a tragedy like the Grenfell Tower blaze could happen in
Katie Hopkins is known for a range of unpleasant views but perhaps best of all for her hatred of overweight people. The Daily
It is legitimate to ask why none of the mainstream UK press decided to print those images on their covers, unlike for example the Belgian and German press. Instead, there was much carping about attacks on freedom and a number of photographs of a dying French policeman... Why the mass self-censorship? I think it was two kinds of fear.
BBC Question Time became so explosive when an audience member clashed with a panellist over immigration this week that he
Firstly, Northern Ireland is not your normal western liberal democracy. As Mick Fealty said, there exists two worlds in Northern Ireland. One is progressive, cosmopolitan, tolerant, ambitious. The other is a minority that extorts, blackmails and wields arbitrary power over a moderate majority. The politicians are complicit with these economic vandals and thugs.
One question that has consistently been ducked by the warmongering interventionists, who range from encouraging arms sales to jihadis to openly calling for the abandonment of all negotiations, is this: Can we trust David Cameron when it comes to foreign policy?
Last year HuffPost UK’s partnered with the world’s leading philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn – and in 2013
Last year HuffPost UK's partnered with the world's leading philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn - and in 2013
That the war which deposed Saddam Hussein was not an uprising initiated by the people is however, the most compelling of all arguments against the war. It is one that comes even before arguing against the worth of the war - it is the reason an invasion should never have been considered.