Space Shuttle Atlantis Wrapped In Plastic (PICTURES)

Nasa's Space Shuttle Atlantis is apparently wrapped in plastic ahead of its June unveiling to the public.

The Kennedy Space Center in Florida will be the shuttle's final resting place. The giant space plane will sit atop a huge set of steel struts, positioning the craft in a dramatic 43.21 degree lean, allowing visitors to get closer to the craft that ever before.

Universe Today have just published some new details and pictures of the new visitors centre as its unveiling draws closer.

They include a tour of the pavilion itself, which has already been under construction for a year, and a view of the 'ghostly' ship in 16,000 feet of shrink wrap.

The 90,000-square-foot pavilion is designed to reflect the "scorching heat of reentry into the Earth's atmosphere", UT said.

It sounds like a fantastic tribute to the ground-breaking craft. Make sure you head over to UT to read the full details.

Until then the iconic ship is wrapped in a thick coat of plastic. Take a look at some shots of the plastic wrapped shuttle taken last year, below.

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