UK Snow: Pictures Of Gridlock, Skiing And Snowball Fights In Frozen Britain

Snow continues to blanket parts of Britain on Wednesday, but though the white stuff spelled chaos for commuters, others are seeing the fun side, indulging in March snowball fights and brushing up on their ski-skills.

North Yorkshire been blanketed in snow, as well as Cumbria, while further south in Kent, drivers were still battling in severe conditions.

Gridlocked lorries could be seen on M20 near Harrietsham, Kent, the continuing bad weather in nothern France meaning drivers couldn't cross the channel.

Gridlocked lorries waiting to cross

As the picture below shows, while Britons might be moaning about the cold snap, conditions in northern France are even more severe.

Beaumont-Hague, northern France was hit by blizzard conditions earlier this week

Coaches are blocked by snow on the D901 around Beaumont-Hague, northern France

Temperatures were still icy in Scotland, with one man forced to go out and break the ice in the pedal boat lake at Stirling safari park.

Gavin Marshall breaks ice in the pedal boat lake at Blairdrummond Safari Park

But winter sports enthusiasts were having fun at on a ski slope in Cumbria, as clear skies and crisp snow made for perfect conditions.

A snow boarder makes a jump at the Yad Moss ski slope in Cumbria near Alston.

In North Yorkshire, people were also seen having fun in the snow.

Gary Roberts and Steph Scattergood have a snowball fight at the Hole of Horcum on the North Yorkshire Moors

The cold weather has also created some dazzling scenery, with water thrown up from a puddle causing this display of icicles in Essex.

Icicles formed on a hedge in Essex

Take a look at some more pictures from the recent cold snap below