14/03/2013 05:31 GMT | Updated 14/03/2013 05:37 GMT

Curtis Woodhouse Twitter Troll: James O'Brien Apologises On Daybreak (VIDEO)

Curtis Woodhouse, the former footballer turned boxer who hunted down an abusive Twitter troll, came face-to-face with his antagonist on ITV's Daybreak on Thursday.

Tweeter James O'Brien began his stream of abuse on 21 January, mocking Woodhouse - who ended his football career to become a boxer, aged 26 - about his lack of success in the ring.

Irked by the constant trolling, Woodhouse - through his own resources - identified the user and drove 47 miles from his home in Hull to confront him.

curtis woodhouse

Woodhouse said the troller "never came out to play so im going back home! maybe a bit daft what i did today but sometimes enough is enough."

O'Brien was apologetic when asked about the incident on live TV Thursday morning.

"I was silly, childish, looking back on it I realise I've done a wrong thing. I can only offer my deepest apologies to anyone I've abused on Twitter, I do really feel embarrassed."

curtis woodhouse

Asked how he felt about Woodhouse's reaction, he added: "First of all surprised, because it's not your average thing on Twitter. And secondly, I was slightly relieved I wasn't anywhere near the house."

O'Brien offered Woodhouse an apology and the duo shook hands.

"It takes a big man to say sorry," Woodhouse told him.