ePad Femme: The Pink 'Tablet For Women' With Pre-Installed Yoga, Shopping And Cooking Apps

Meet The ePad Femme: The Latest Outrageous (And Pink) 'Tablet For Women'

A tablet designed for women - or what someone with no imagination and a Victorian etiquette manual supposes women are like - has been branded sexist after a recent marketing drive.

The ePad Femme is an 8-inch Android device which features pre-installed perfume, cooking, shopping and clothing apps, and a pink homescreen.

Developed by Middle Eastern-firm Eurostar Group - not that one - it also features a simplified menu and is aimed at women who "might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications".

According to the Jerusalem Post, at least some women in the region have appreciated the gift and Eurostar says it has sold at least 7,000 of them, and that it was not intended to be sexist.

"I like it so far – it’s good for browsing and searching and playing games," one Dubai resident told The Jerusalem Post.

"I’ve checked out the cooking application but I’m not really into fitness."

But tech writers in America and the US have given the ePad Femme a less positive reaction, and for pretty obvious reasons, since its recent marketing push.

Ars Technica said that the ePad continued the "sorry tradition" of sexist marketing of tech to women. Robyn Wilder at Techrader said that while the idea of a tablet aimed at women isn't necessarily an appalling idea, in execution the ePad Femme is a bad and offensive product - regardless of your gender.

"It might do better if it did away with the rather appalling notion that technology for women has to be easy to use, because dawww, kittens!" she writes.

"Or if it unfeminised the ePad Femme and rebranded as a tablet for the non-technical. It could be called the IdiotPad. It'd make a fortune."

"As a woman, and therefore obviously hopeless at mathematics, I am enthusiastic about a product which will allow me to calculate my optimum fertility window without the need to bother my husband," said one commenter at Tablet News.


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