Where to go, what to see and where to eat in one of Europe's most popular cities
Brussels to London services affected by problems in Belgium.
The incident began on the day the UK was originally due to leave the EU.
"It was unexpected and I guess they wanted to show what would happen after Brexit."
I have to travel for business. It's a perk, and sometimes a drawback, of the job. And while I travel, there's nothing more important to me than to stay connected. Connected to work and family, yes, but also connected to 'things'.
RMT members voted in favour of strike action, claiming that their work/life balance was being “repeatedly undermined”. RMT
One of the great joys of living in London and being part of the EU is that we can be spontaneous with our travel plans. On a whim, I decided that I was losing touch with the fashionista inside and a day of 'comp shopping' in Paris was essential.