15/03/2013 08:40 GMT

BEAT THE WEEK News Quiz: Popes, Prisoners And Press Reform

MPs have been getting into trouble this week, with Chris Huhne sentenced to eight months in prison and Eric Joyce MP arrested again after a brawl in parliament's bar.

Cameron's also in trouble with everyone Miliband and Clegg after refusing to back plans for press reform. Clegg even went so far as to accuse the Tories of being untrustworthy (shock horror) , whilst wielding the dreaded T-word (Thatcher) to Scottish Lib Dems.

The news has also been religiolicious this week, with media outlets on 24 hour pope watch until white smoke billowed out of the Conclave chimney on Wednesday.

But why should we care about the election of a new leader of the Catholic church? Check out a few reasons why it might affect you here. (And for a more lighthearted look why don't you take a look at the pope falling over. Poor chap. First day nerves and all)

Kate Middleton's baby bump has also been hitting the headlines, with more speculation over the precious heir to the throne. But what have the couple nicknamed the royal foetus?

If you can answer that and reckon you've got your media finger tapping the throbbing pulse of the news, try your hand at our news quiz and see if you can BEAT THE WEEK.