The Moment A Solar Storm Appeared To Blast Into Comet PanStarrs - And Earth (VIDEO)

An incredible video shot from a space craft appears to show the moment that a massive ejection of particles from the sun flew directly into the path of a comet - and the Earth.

The Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory shot the clip of super-hot material being blown from the Sun in a coronal mass ejection - a CME.

In the clip, the CME appears to fly into the path of the Comet PanStarrs, which dazzled viewers on the Earth earlier this month.

But in fact the video isn't all that it seems. The comet and the CME did not cross paths, and the effect is just a trick created by the craft's position relative to Earth, the comet and the Sun.

The timelapse was made from 10 - 15 March.

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