"The closest it will get to us for at least the next 150 years."
Earth is about experience one of its closest comet flybys as two zip past us today and tomorrow. The last time we had such
In 1995, controversial book 'Fingerprints of the Gods' made waves by claiming a highly advanced civilisation was wiped out
Scientists are about to turn on Rosetta's communication system in the hopes of getting a signal from the crash-landed Philae
The Internet was ubiquitously lamenting that while humankind was reaching further out into space than we've ever dared, we were still more self-obsessed, facile and inward-looking than ever. Kam's arse was the epitome of our own navel - capturing our collective gaze.
The European Space Agency's comet lander was a huge success last week -- even though the craft actually bounced about half
"Philae has fallen into 'idle mode' - a possibly long silence. In this mode, all instruments and most systems on board are
Others said Taylor's shirt proved women are not made to feel welcome in STEM industries. Matt Taylor on Wednesday The shirt
The European Space Agency has made a last-ditch attempt to drill into the surface of a comet as the batteries on its lander
The European space probe which landed - awkwardly but spectacularly - on a comet earlier this week is almost dead due to