Chris Huhne Jailed: Former Cabinet Minister 'Is Popular With Fellow Inmates'

'A Hero In Prison'

Former Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne is reportedly proving a hit with his fellow inmates.

The Daily Mail reported the ex-Energy Secretary, who is serving an eight-month sentence in Wandsworth prison for perverting the course of justice, has become "a bit of a hero figure", and treated to luxuries like deodorant and Twix bars.

Huhne pleaded guilty to transferring his speeding points to ex-wife Vicky Pryce, who was also jailed for eight months.

A fellow inmate, self-styled ‘Lord’ Eddie Davenport, told a visitor: "You’d think he would be getting a bad time from all the men in here, some of whom are very serious gangsters.

‘But you would be quite wrong. It’s astonishing. Everybody feels rather sorry for him, plus he has also become a bit of a hero figure.

‘That’s because there is a lot of macho posturing in here and everyone sticks together when it comes to a case, such as his, involving a woman who they think has behaved badly by getting revenge on a man.

'That’s how they view what happened to him.

‘Everybody wants to have their picture taken with him.’

Davenport, a convicted fraudster, added: "You could describe it as male bonding. Everyone has been nice to Chris, making cheery comments and giving him stuff.

‘You are not allowed to bring much in with you so people have been sorting him out with deodorant, soap, aftershave, things like that.

'They have also been offering to get him little extras from the canteen that improve life a bit, like Twix bars.’


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