97% Of Doctors Have Prescribed Placebos - OR HAVE THEY?

Placebo Study 'May Not Be Real'

A study which claims that 97% of doctors have prescribed placebos may not be a real study, it has been claimed.

"The research shows that placebo use is widespread in the UK, and doctors clearly believe that placebos can help patients," said Dr Jeremy Howzat, the co-author of the report which may or may not be fake.

Some are also claiming that the figure of 97% may not be true or that some of the doctors taking part may not be real, even if the study is.

In addition, it's not known whether doctors knew if the pharmaceutical companies that were giving them placebos were, in fact, giving them placebos.

"This isn't about a study deceiving patients," added Dr Howzat. "We're not talking about presenting a report to the British public and telling them it's something else. If your mind is put at ease by a study like this, then clearly the placebo has worked."


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