Doncaster Council Given Permission To Impose Fines For Spitting

Spitting Made Illegal In Doncaster

Spitting on the streets of Doncaster is set to be become illegal after the council won permission to change the law.

Government minsister have provisionally approved a new bylaw that would slap a fine of up to £500 on anyone caught in the act in the Yorkshire town.

Fines of up to £500 will be levied on spitters in Doncaster

Doncaster Council said the majority of residents had backed the move in a public consultation last summer.

The results of the survey were sent to Eric Pickles' Department for Communities and Local Government as part of the by-law application.

Doncaster's Mayor, Peter Davies, said: "I am delighted with this latest news. Spitting is a filthy habit and one that I want rid of from the streets of Doncaster.

"Doncaster will be one of the first councils in the country to have implemented a spitting byelaw.

"It sends out a strong message to the whole of the country that this type of anti-social behaviour is completely unacceptable and not welcome in our town."

Anyone caught spitting Doncaster could face prosecution in the magistrates court.

The by-law is expected to be rubber-stamped in the next few weeks.

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