Kate Middleton Pregnant: Duchess Of Cambridge Braves Weather To Help Lake District Scouts (PICTURES)

Kate Round The Campfire

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, braved severe weather to visit a Scout camp in the Lake District, where she will use her training to help look after a group of Cub Scouts from Cumbria and Manchester.

The Duchess, who is a volunteer in the Scout Association, is taking part in a pack holiday event at the 250-acre activity centre close to Lake Windermere.

Kate helped cook round the campfire

As part of their programme, the Cub Scouts will get a chance to try outdoor cooking, fire-lighting and tree-climbing under the guidance of Kate and the other volunteers.

On Friday Kate learnt how to make "twisters" or "dampers".

In the freezing temperatures the Duchess plunged her hands, still wearing her sparkling wedding and engagement rings, into a squidgy mixture of flour, water, oil and sugar.

She kneaded the dough in a bowl for several minutes before they made elongated twists out of the pastry by rubbing blobs of the mixture between their hands.

After washing the dough mix off her hands Kate wrapped a twist of the messy mixture around a twig stripped of bark which was placed over the open fire ready to toast.

The volunteers' efforts had mixed results, with the Duchess laughing and giggling with the others as some of the twisters dropped into the flames.

"I'm not sure if these are going to look particularly edible," Kate laughed.

After several minutes toasting on the fire Kate pulled off a piece of the bread and, rather gingerly, popped it in her mouth.

"Oh, its actually not bad," she told the group. "It is quite sugary though."

But the Duchess, being five months pregnant, will keep her feet firmly on the ground.

The Scout Association is hoping the visit by one of the country's most high-profile figures will encourage other young adults to get involved in Scouting.

Scouts are hoping more people will get involved after seeing Kate

More adult volunteers are needed for the 35,000 young people currently waiting to join the movement, which already has well over half a million members.

Kate, who is keen on volunteering, helps out occasionally at a Scout group close to her home in North Wales.

Kate will help them light fires and cook food

UK Chief Scout Bear Grylls said: "The Duchess has an incredibly busy life yet, since she joined the Scouts, she has so generously managed to volunteer some incredible time to help out and get involved with her local group.

"Over the last few years it has been our mission to make it easier for adults to give as much or as little as they are able - it is how we change our society: many people doing a little bit."

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