George Osborne Tweets Picture Of Cat Inside Red Budget Briefcase

George Osborne may not have proved himself to be a dab hand at saving the economy - but, for an amateur, he's doing a lot better at Twitter.

Someone must have told him Twitter was only good for cat pictures. The Chancellor has tweeted a picture of his famous red briefcase, which he seems to have begun to use as a home for his tabby cat.

It is one of only five tweets the Chancellor has sent since joining Twitter earlier this week - and most of the tweets he has sent have received volleys of abuse.

The cat in question is believed to be his long-time moggy Freya, and has already received more than 180 retweets and 52 favourites.

Sealing the puss in the budget box maybe a ruse to keep adventurous Freya safely in Number 11 Downing Street.

Last year it was reported that the family cat had actually been missing for three years, since the family moved from their Notting Hill home after the general election, much to the distress of the then Shadow Chancellor's two young children Luke and Liberty.

But, out-of-the-blue, she was identified by a neighbour and handed back to the family to move into their new Westminster pad.

The Chancellor's followers are now waiting with baited breath for whether Osborne's next vital tweet will concern family budgie, Gibson, named after RAF Dambusters hero Guy Gibson, and two goldfish, who are the family's other pets - according to the Mail.

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