VOTE: Happy Birthday, Elton John - What's Your Favourite Song By The Rocket Man?


Sir Elton John turns 66 today.

With more than 250 million record sales to his name, including more than 50 top 40 hits, his own AIDS foundation, a knighthood and two children with his civil partner David Furnish, there is much to celebrate.

250 million records, and counting...

To celebrate his birthday, we ask the simple question: What's your favourite Elton John song? See... simple, right? Hmm... and you've only got 30 studio albums' worth of material to choose from...

Here's a playlist to help you remember the besties... and our top 21 tunes from you to choose from... IF your track's even on there. If not, let us know!

And, while you're there, let us know your favourite Elton John duet... here's a reminder.

This has been a lot of fun to research, more hits than seems possible from one person - happy birthday, Sir Elton!

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