“We got pied,” the Blue singer previously said. “Pied, pied, pied, pied. Bosh. In our face.”
Yes, Lee from Blue is now running the Queen Vic. 2017 is weird.
Read more on The Huffington Post While viewers will have to wait and see how Lee gets on in Albert Square, we would like
And politically, the PM and Gibraltar’s Chief Minister attempted to put on a show of calm. And right-wing columnist Simon
Duncan James is set to make his soap debut after signing up to appear in ‘Hollyoaks’. The Blue singer will play Ryan, the
Julia Stiles took two major gambles when she took on the role of Blue. First was the challenge of the part itself: an escort and working mother with a troubled past. Second was the method of delivery, with Blue initially released on YouTube by pioneering online production company WIGS (standing for 'Where It Gets...').
It's here, folks - Blue's video for 'King of the World'. This is the band's brand new video, ahead of their new album 'Colours
The fact of rape is a terrible one: it's the inhumanity of deriving sexual pleasure in the face of another person's pain. Where sex might please in the pleasing of others, rape is its opposite. It becomes a violence like none other, a nightmare extreme of Schadenfreude.