12/05/2021 16:18 BST

Donatella Versace Speaks Out After Blue's Anthony Costa Details The Funniest Case Of Mistaken Identity Ever

“We got pied,” the Blue singer previously said. “Pied, pied, pied, pied. Bosh. In our face.”

What do you get if you cross Donatella Versace, the boyband Blue, and 90s rockers Blur? The answer is this absolutely ridiculous tale. 

Earlier this week, Blue singer Antony Costa revealed how Blue received an invitation from the iconic Italian fashion designer to attend Milan Fashion Week.

Or so they thought. 

It turned out that they’d mistakenly been invited after Donatella’s team hadn’t realised she’d actually asked for Blur. 

Rosdiana Ciaravolo via Getty Images
Donatella Versace

Speaking on Ben Hanlin’s Ben Behaving Dadly podcast, Antony said: “In 2001 we released our first single, it was going really well for us and we got invited to Milan Fashion Week by Donatella Versace.

“So we got kitted out by Versace at Bond Street. We got a private plane out there, they flew us out there.

“We landed, went to the fashion show, and afterwards they were like ‘Look, we want you to meet Donatella’.”

Tim Roney via Getty Images
Donatella's team invited Blue to Milan Fashion Week after misunderstanding her instructions

Antony then recalled how they lined up backstage, ready to “meet the queen”, before she stared at them blankly. 

“We got pied,” he said, “pied, pied, pied, pied. Bosh. In our face.”

He said they were left confused by the situation, and didn’t receive an explanation until they were back home. 

“To cut a long story short, when we get back to London, and she had invited Blur and not Blue,” he said. “But we had a night out in Italy, we got kitted out in Versace gear, so I was sweet!”

Brian Rasic via Getty Images
The band Blur, not to be confused with Blue

Well, Donatella has now responded to the story, after it went viral on the Love Of Huns Instagram account

She reposted the a Daily Mail write-up of the debacle to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, writing: “Well... I’ve still not met Blur,” adding a laughing emoji and a shrugging emoji. 

Donatella reacted to the tale on her Instagram Story

In his interview, Antony also revealed how he later came face to face with Alex James from Blur, who joked: “You took our tickets!”

“Mate, I didn’t know! It ain’t our fault!” Antony said he replied.