25/03/2013 14:10 GMT | Updated 26/03/2013 06:33 GMT

Sexist Advertising: New #NotBuyingIt App Helps Users Point Out And Discuss Offensive Ads (PICTURES)

From a woman with four breasts advertising a Playstation console to women selling Ryanair flights in their underwear, the objectification of women in media is far too commonplace.

But now a new mobile app hopes to use consumer power to challenge media sexism.

The #NotBuyingIt app, which is in the initial stages of development, allows users to name and shame brands that use sexist advertising and publicly boycott them.

notbuyingit app

Users will be able to photograph, map and share adverts that poorly represent women, bringing offenders under one virtual roof.

The site explains:

"We're putting the power back in the hands of the consumer. In a media environment where women continue to be valued primarily for their youth, beauty and sexuality, it's time we took a collective stand.

"Sexism sells because it's what's being sold. We deserve more and better options. And with this app we will show the media that there is a way to make money without demeaning more than half the world."

The app is the brainchild of -- the organisation behind the "Miss Representation" documentary that highlights how women are poorly portrayed in the media.

It is being crowd-funded on website At the time of writing the app has made $18,296 of its $20,000 target.

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