Google Thinks Chris Maloney Is An Aubergine, Not An Eggplant

Google thinks X-Factor contestant Chris Maloney is an aubergine.

Viral news site Buzzfeed recently noticed that uploading an image of an aubergine - specifically the one above - caused Google to link inexplicably to a picture of the 2012 entrant.

Oddly enough Google also replaces pictures of Maloney with the vegetable on all news stories - including those from Huffington Post.

Searching for "chris maloney eggplant" showed up no other connection, causing BuzzFeed's bafflement.

However searching "chris maloney aubergine" might reveal the mystery - a HuffPost commenter apparently once used the phrase "Chris Maloney the human aubergine" on a post about the X-Factor.

BuzzFeed didn't notice as the vegetable has a different name in the US - eggplant.

This post is the source of the offending link, apparently. HuffPost UK Celeb's SEO value is high enough to make the switch, we assume.

The phrase is now logged in the search engine's memory banks. Hopefully for all time.

So there you are. Google doesn't think Chris Maloney is an eggplant. It thinks he's an aubergine.

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