Snowman (Unassembled) Up For Auction On eBay, As Snow And Freezing Winds Whip UK

An "unassembled snowman" has been posted on auction site eBay by one enterprising individual from Rotherham attempting to make the most of the wintry weather.

The bold seller has posted a picture of a snowy backgarden under the description "6ft snowman, requires assembly." It is unclear whether eBay users are taking the posting literally as the current bid stands at £10m.

The seller is listed as 'Ilav that'

Initially listed as "collection only", the bold Yorkshire peddler has shown willingness to accomodate interested buyers and answer as many questions as possible.

A close up of the unassembled snowman (6ft)

Posting Q&A to help answer popular inquiries, the seller replied helpfully to the questions: "Will you ship to Dallas, USA?" and "Does it come with carrots and raisins?"

There was also a query over whether the snowman had been immobilised, because, "I don't want it sodding off for miles buying scarves for the missus."

There are four days left to bid.