George At ASDA Dress Banishes Body Insecurities By Creating The 'Perfect Hourglass Figure' (PICTURES)

First it was knickers that held your tummy in, then a T-shirt that banished bingo wings, but now there is a dress (yes, an entire dress) to help women get the 'perfect hourglass figure'.

George at ASDA have released the 'Lovely Body Dress' to nip and tuck those lumps and bumps to give Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe and Holly Willoughby a run for their money.

Featuring built-in control panels to smooth tums, sculpt thighs and lift bums, the dress promises to pinch three inches from the waistline and an inch from the hips.

Before and after

According to ASDA's research, almost a third of the nation’s women are unhappy with their figure with 61% voting an hourglass shape as the most attractive.

Of those surveyed nearly three-quartes of men (72%) prefer a curvier woman with an ample bust, shapely hips and rounded bottom.