Boris Johnson's Eton Friend, Darius Guppy, Attacks Eddie Mair Over BBC Interview

Darius Guppy, the British-Iranian businessman known for his unconventional lifestyle and appetite for revenge, has launched an extraordinary and scathing attack on presenter Eddie Mair.

Mair made headlines last weekend by savaging Boris Johnson in an interview, accusing him of lying over affairs, wanting to be PM and topping it all off by calling him "a nasty piece of work".

Guppy, who is a long-standing Etonian friend of the London mayor, wrote a blog in The Spectator accusing Mair of having "more front than Harrods".

He writes: "Consider this: a member of the British Media, Mr Mair, berates another former such member, Boris Johnson, for making up quotes!

"What planet are you living on, Mr Mair? Making things up is what people in your profession do for a living!"

He then moves to Mair questioning Johnson about lying over an affair.

Guppy writes: "Again, Mr Mair, what brand of glue are you sniffing? That’s what politicians do. Yes, they lie. Just like journalists.

"And they fiddle their expenses and they pervert the course of justice and they commit perjury and they make up stories to justify invading countries and killing hundreds of thousands of people.

"Welcome to the real world."

Guppy actually came up in the original interview with Mair as he is the friend who asked Johnson to get the address of a journalist so he could beat him up.

The businessman is well-known for his propensity to solve disputes with brawls.

Johnson once said his friend lives by a "homeric code of honour, loyalty and revenge".

He once famously fought with Earl Spencer to "defend the honour of his wife".

Guppy writes: "And then Mr Mair attacks the Mayor of London for agreeing, when in his mid twenties, to supply a friend – me – with the address of a News of the World journalist so that the journalist in question can be given the hiding which most of us secretly admit such people deserve."

Johnson has actually commended Mair for the interview saying he did a "splendid job".

This was on the same day Johnson's father, Stanley, attacked Mair for a "disgusting" job.