Fuel Micro Charger: The Adorable And Very Tiny Emergency Phone Battery (VIDEO)

A mobile phone charger smaller than a 50p has hit Kickstarter.

The Fuel Micro Charger by Devotec is an adorable little device, shaped like a fuel can.

The idea is that you'll always be carrying an emergency energy boost for your device when you're in a jam. Broken down with no battery? Plug in the can, and call the emergency services.

There are already rechargeable external batteries on the market but none quite as small - or cute - as this one.

It holds about 220 mAh of charge - enough to talk for about 30 minutes on the average smartphone with a Micro USB connector. Sorry iPhone users. If left unused it will last for about 3 months without needing to be recharged.

The team has already passed its initial $20,000 goal and with 23 days to go could post a huge total by the end of its funding run.

Take a look at the device above or on its Kickstarter page, and if you fancy backing it you'll get a handy price cut too.