05/04/2013 09:10 BST

BEAT THE WEEK: April Fools, Iain Duncan Smith And Other Jokes

The week catapulted into play with April Fools, a slew of joke stories hitting newspapers on Monday from the liberalist Guardian goggles to the Mirror's glass-bottomed planes.

Sadly Iain Duncan Smith wasn't joking though with a range of welfare reforms coming into force that were met with much ire from the left.

The divide between those against cutting benefits and those in favour of reform was compounded after the Daily Mail started an all out war over its front page of Mick Philpott, labelling the child killer a 'Vile Product of Welfare UK.'

And then of course Osborne's driver decided to park in a disabled parking bay. Oh dear.

George Osborne's car parked in a disabled bay in a service station near New Port, Wales

Angry words weren't just being thrown around at home either, with North Korea's threats becoming increasingly worrying.

Yes, from dictators to editors, everyone is getting a bit stressed out. Perhaps we should all take inspiration from Aberdeen University, who are installing puppy rooms during exam period to help students relax.

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