04/04/2013 08:11 BST | Updated 04/04/2013 08:46 BST

North Korea Football Chants Hashtag Trends On Twitter

Kim Jong-un is supposedly a red in more ways than one. When not considering the option of going nuclear, he is apparently a casual Manchester United fan who has merchandise shipped over from Old Trafford.

As the indispensable @FootballCliches Twitter account pointed out, when it comes to nuclear war, you can score too early. A second-strike capability in nuclear strategy allows a country to nuke the suckers who drew blood first. Just look at the Americans' response to Pearl Harbor against the Japanese...

But we digress. The parallels between the Reds of the north and football have led to some imaginative football chants on Twitter, yet some have still gone down the Sloop John B route.

Koreans, given their fondness for eating dogs, have already been lampooned by Kim's fellow United fans when Ji-Sung Park was at the club, however here's the pick of the Twitteratti's efforts...

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