PC Kelly Jones Who Is Suing Garage Owner After Tripping On Kerb Is Also Suing Her Police Force

The PC who is suing a garage owner after she tripped on a kerb is also suing her own police force.

Kelly Jones is taking legal action against Norfolk Police for a patrol car crash in January last year, reports the Daily Mail.

The car in which Jones was a passenger ended up on its side after skidding off the road during a high-speed pursuit.

It is believed Jones suffered a knee injury as a result of the crash.

Kelly Jones was widely criticised last week after it was revealed that she is taking legal action against a garage owner after responding to a 999 call at his premises.

During the call for a suspected robbery, Jones tripped on a kerb.

She accuses the garage owner of failing to light the kerb properly and not informing her of the risk before she attended.

Norfolk Constabulary would not comment on individual cases.

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