Robert De Niro Is Into Vine: 'It's An Interesting Thing'

Robert De Niro Is Into Vine: 'It's An Interesting Thing'

Robert De Niro is into 'Vine'.

Twitter's new video-sharing app allows users to record short, six-second video clips and upload them to Twitter and other social networks.

Launched earlier this year, it has now started to pick up steam - reaching the top of the 'Free' iTunes app charts.

Now it's been lent support by a very high-profile Hollywood star - the Godfather himself, Robert De Niro.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal ahead of the Tribeca Film Festival, De Nero said that the restrictions placed on creative film-makers by the app could be a benefit. The festival has even launched a public competition for six-second films.

De Niro explained that the competition was "an interesting thing".

"Six seconds of beginning, middle and end. I was just trying to time on my iPhone six seconds just to get a sense of what that is. It can actually be a long time. One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand, five one-thousand, six one-thousand - you can tell a whole story in six seconds."

Jane Rosenthal, co-founder of the festival with De Niro, explained that the competition was "a way of just going back to basics of looking at just imagery and sound in the most fundamental way".

She said: "I had seen a Vine that my friend, the actor Adam Goldberg, did, and in watching a group of them, he was creating a character. He jokingly said he had more interest in his career since he's been doing these than other projects he's done lately."

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