Russian Gamer Claims 'Perfect' Game Of Sake, Posts Hypnotic GIF (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Perfect Game Of Snake Is Hypnotic, Slightly Terrifying

If you had a Nokia phone at any point from the 1990s to about 2006, you know about Snake.

The ridiculously simple and addictive mobile game was the Angry Birds of its time, ensnaring all who dared to try and master its difficult charms.

The game involves directing a pixelated line around a square, two-dimensional board, in order to 'eat' other pixels and grow in size. As the snake becomes longer, the board becomes more crowded - and so the game increases in difficulty.

Now one Russian gamer has claimed to have fully completed snake - and has posted a Gif to prove it.

The animated image shows the speeded-up game as it progresses, to the point where the snake is covering almost the entire game screen.

When the final pixel is eaten, a message pops up which in Russian translates as: "And now we are going to show you a cartoon. Dialing up the server."

It's not entirely clear which version of the game is being played, as multiple different remakes exist online and in App form.

But what is clear is that the GIF is also hideously hypnotic - which might be why it was found on a Reddit forum named "Woah, Dude", which is described as "the best links to click while you're stoned".

And if you fancy playing Snake, for old time's sake, try this version online.


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