Shrewsbury Town And Walsall Football Clashes Lead To 28 People Being Charged

28 People Charged After Shrewsbury Football Clashes

Twenty eight people have been charged with violent disorder and other offences after an inquiry into clashes between rival football supporters.

West Mercia Police said the charges followed an extensive investigation into fighting which erupted before a League One fixture between Shrewsbury Town and Walsall in October last year.

A police officer suffered a broken leg while attempting to quell the disorder in Mardol and Smithfield Road, Shrewsbury.

A total of 28 men and youths from Shropshire and the West Midlands were charged after answering bail last week and will appear before magistrates in Shrewsbury on several dates, starting on April 29.

One other man is expected to be charged at a later date, police said.

Superintendent James Tozer, Shropshire's police commander, said: "We work very closely with our partner agencies and in particular with Shrewsbury Town Football Club to prevent and reduce instances of football-related violence and disorder.

"Large-scale disorder is rare and this outbreak in Shrewsbury town centre was unusual in its scale.

"On this occasion, the significant number of arrests and charges together with any banning orders which result, will send a clear message that such behaviour will not be tolerated."

The majority of those charged are accused of violent disorder, while others face allegations of obstructing a police officer and assault.

Violence between football fans erupted over the weekend, after a Millwall v Wigan match and a derby match in Newcastle.

A total of 27 football fans were arrested over and three police officers injured after violence erupted in Newcastle on Sunday.

Missiles were thrown at police as a group of Newcastle fans tried to confront Sunderland supporters in Central Station, Newcastle, after the home side's 0-3 defeat at St James' Park.

One officer was taken to hospital for treatment, Northumbria Police said.

On Saturday, fighting broke out between Millwall and Wigan fans, with several images of bloodied supporters beamed by broadcasters.

Police belatedly appeared in a bid to halt the minority fighting, only for the contingent to turn on them.

Police attempted to seal off Trafalgar Square, where thousands have gathered to celebrate Margaret Thatcher's death, out of fear the violence between Millwall followers could spread to central London.

Sixteen were held after the Thatcher death party.

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