Oculus Rift: 90 Year Old Grandmother Freaks Out Wearing Virtual Reality Headset

The future of gaming might not be about the next-generation of consoles after all. If this video is any evidence, it's about virtual reality.

No, it's not 1995 again. Virtual reality is back, and this time it's better than ever. The Oculus Rift is a headset which contains two HD screens, giving the wearer the feeling of totally immersive, 3D environments.

The effect is said to be incredibly realistic - as this 90-year-old grandmother found out recently when testing a set owned by her grandson, Imagimind's Paul Rivot.

You have to watch the clip for the reaction - but needless to say, when she exclaims "am I still sitting where I was?" halfway through, you know it's pretty realistic.

Take a look, above.

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