Half Of Asthma Sufferers Do Not Believe Life-Threatening Risk, Poll Suggests (PICTURES)

Half Of Asthma Sufferers Take Life-Threatening Risks

Asthma sufferers have been urged to be more vigilant after a poll found that half of those with the condition do not think they are at risk of a potentially fatal asthma attack.

A survey of more than 50,000 sufferers found that 52% do not think they are at risk of an attack - but Asthma UK warned that nine out of 10 of those people are mistaken.

The charity, which released the figures as part of its Stop Asthma Deaths campaign, said that sufferers who do not take their preventer inhaler every day, or those who ignore worsening symptoms and those without a personal asthma action plan are at risk.

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"Millions of people with asthma are unaware that the condition can be fatal and that they are regularly taking huge risks with their lives," said Asthma UK's chief executive Neil Churchill.

"We can all help stop asthma deaths, and we need to start by changing the attitude that 'it's just asthma'.

"We've launched the Stop Asthma Deaths campaign to help people reduce their chance of having an attack - but they can't do this alone. Healthcare professionals also have a crucial part to play in helping people manage their asthma and spotting who may be in danger."

Asthma is a common long-term condition that can cause a cough, wheezing, and breathlessness. In the UK, around 1,140 people die from the condition each year.

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