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Switching to “green” versions like dry powder inhalers could cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce NHS drug costs, says a new study.
"I was in and out of hospital every week...Asthma was destroying my life."
Record-breaking temperatures are due to be unleashed across the country, with Thursday set to be the hottest of the year so far.
According to Asthma UK, 5.4 million people in the UK suffer from the life-long condition.
Now that Ciara is five, I’ve taught her how to use the phone to make an emergency call if anything should happen to me
'I think this treatment will give people a lot of hope,'
Asthma could be a condition resigned to history, as scientists claim to have worked out how they can ‘switch off’ asthma
Did you know that three people will die today because of asthma attacks? Preventable asthma attacks. We all know someone who has asthma, 1 in 11 people have the condition, but because of this there is a common misconception that as an illness it is sorted; 'you just take a puff on your inhaler and you'll be fine'. But many people are not fine.
Asthma sufferers have been urged to be more vigilant after a poll found that half of those with the condition do not think