Fewer people sought help for severe asthma attacks during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers have said.
People with asthma have been deemed clinically vulnerable throughout the pandemic. Why aren't they all being prioritised for the vaccine?
Julie Bishop, who has a brain aneurysm and auto-immune condition, was refused access to home learning materials.
While some people with physical or mental illnesses or disabilities are exempt from wearing face covers, they still fear being shamed for not wearing one.
My asthma means I cannot go and scream alongside others during this pandemic. But please remember me when you scream.
Asthma UK is constantly updating its advice to help people manage their condition. But what’s it really like for sufferers?
The over-70s, people with asthma and pregnant women are just some of those considered "at increased risk".
After Boris Johnson's latest briefing, some sufferers were left confused as to whether they were classed as a "vulnerable group".
Like so many with chronic conditions, juggling my nursing job and my severe asthma feels like a losing battle, writes Sarah.
We all get breathless during sex. But when you can't actually breathe, that's a problem.