Newcastle Horse Puncher Barry Rogerson Insists He 'Loves Animals'

The Newcastle fan seen punching a horse during football violence at the weekend has insisted he is an animal lover.

Barry Rogerson, 45, from Morpeth, Northumberland, was caught on camera lashing out at a police horse before he was hauled to the ground by officers.

Speaking to newspapers, the unemployed factory worker accepted he acted stupidly, but said the horse startled him and made him panic.

The horse before and after the attack

He told the Daily Mirror: "I reacted stupidly. I did not go out to attack a horse.

"I love animals - I've got three dogs, a fish pond out the back and I feed foxes across the road."

"I tried to get him away from me with my left hand and then punched him with my right. It was sheer panic.

"It was an instant reaction. I’d like to apologise to the horse, to the mounted section and to the people of the North East."

He said the pictures made the incident look worse than it was but that he had no excuse.

Barry Rogerson claims he was acting in self defence after the horse startled him.

Rogerson was one of 29 people arrested on Sunday after Newcastle United lost 3-0 to arch rivals Sunderland in a derby game at St James' Park.

Three police officers were injured during clashes with Newcastle fans amid sporadic violence across the city centre.

West Yorkshire Police said Bud the horse has shown no ill-effects but has been given some time off from frontline duties.

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