Woman Finds 'Holy Grail' Of Video Games In Charity Shop For $8, Finds Out It's Work $15k

Woman Buys Old Video Game, Turns Out To Be Worth $15K

A woman who bought an ancient video game in a charity shop for $7.99 has just become $15,000 richer.

The lucky shopper picked up a copy of Stadium Events for the Nintendo Entertainment System from a local Goodwill, only to discover it is one of the rarest and most sought-after video games ever made.

Wilder Hamm, the owner of Save Point Video Games in Charlotte, North Carolina, wrote on his Facebook page how the woman came into his store and showed him the amazing find - after first teasing him by showing some very common games first.

"I nearly fainted and was too dazzled to make a legitimate offer," he said.

He told the woman that even if his shop wanted to buy it, they didn't have the money.

The woman will now get the game officially graded and will eventually put it up on eBay.

Described as the "holy grail of rare video games" by Kotaku, Stadium Events was originally released in 1987.

After Nintendo bought the rights to its "Family Fun Fitness" mat in North America and then changed the brand to Power Pad, anything with the old brand was supposed to have been destroyed.

That made Stadium Events incredibly rare, and recent auctions of the game have driven the price to incredible heights.

In 2010 a sealed copy of Stadium Events sold on eBay for $41,300. Hamm estimates that the price of the cartridge alone is just under $3,000.

"I'm humbled to have even laid hands on it," he wrote. "Don't lose hope game hunters, the gems are still out there!"

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